Position:- Latitude:1.14 N Longitude:103.55 E
Climate:- Tropical
Distance from India:- Chennai 2891 km, Kolkata 2876 km, Portblair 1686 km.
Population:- 4.5 Million in June 2007.
Language:- English, Variations of chinese, Malay, Tamil.
Currency:- Singapore Dollar. [1 SGD = 26-29 INR Approx].

Majority of the population are Chinese origin followed by Malay and Indians. Some part of the population is from western countries. Singapore is considered a world city on lines similar to Newyork and London.
Advantage is being so close to India. Connectivity to most of the Indian cities in south, north, east and west is very good. It takes about same time as moving from one Indian city to another Indian city.
There is virtually no corruption and quite peaceful country in terms of crime and safety. Entire city works hard for day to day leaving and for old age savings. It's not a pensioners paradise. It's city for hard working people. It's better if both of you work. It helps to increase your house hold income.
Maids are available to take care of house hold chores. It will cost you about SGD 800 per month including hidden cost unless and until faced with some medical problems with the maid. You have to take care of maid medical needs.
Public transport system is very good for day to day commuting for locals and tourists. It's almost impossible to get lost in the city with so many marking and road sign. From anywhere taxi is just a call away. For occasional commuting you can use taxi service. Taxi drivers are very pleasant and understand and speak English very well.
Food wise, it's paradise. You get choice of cuisine from all over the world. For Indians there are plenty of restaurants and outlets serving Indian food including pure vegetarian Indian cuisine.
Normally there is no practice to tip in restaurant or Taxi or for that matter at any place.
Costliest thing in the cities which will burn the biggest hole in your purse are : Housing rent, Health care in absence of proper insurance, Private and higher education. Government subsidized education till secondary level is excellent but it does not matches with Indian CBSE/ICSE curriculum. There are many of the famous Indian schools offering CBSE/ICSE/International school curriculum.
Country allows you go opt for PR[Permanent Resident] status if you are planning to stay for long term. There are many benefits linked to becoming a PR if you intend to stay for long term. Few subsidies and cost saving avenues for buying public housing opens up. Later you can opt for becoming a citizen as well. For now there is no dual citizenship agreement with India. So, you have to give up Indian citizenship if you take Singapore citizenship. So choosing to opt for PR and citizenship becomes an individual choice and most of Indians are always in two minds about it.
People of Indian races have mostly thrived here as executives and biz tycoons in IT, Banking, Finance, Health Care sectors.

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