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Idea is to help people who are planning to move out of India for long term. This information can also be found useful for people who are planning to visit the country as tourist but not coming in group organized by tourist agency. This blog site is filled with information and linked to other site for getting useful information. We desis are not complete without cricket, bollywood and Indian cuisine where ever we are. Please check out the links and posts below for informations related to those countries and cities. Latest on Indian cricket engagements and bollywood is also included. But these are just time pass for us to remain connected with desi spirit.
For those who have the lingering thoughts about Desh and know you will go back or keep visiting for your near and dear ones. To help them with some investment thoughts is also available.

News and Articles for Indians looking beyond. *updated on 2nd May*

Top destinations around the world for tourism

Haunted Hotels of around the world in Biz

Top 10 series

Countries and Cities :-

Indian tourist destinations :-

And Finally
Cricket & IPL *updated on 22nd August*
Bollywood biz news *updated on 4th January*

Of course not to leave the question lurking in hindsight of all NRIs. What do they look for and keep planning for moving back to India.

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