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Indian creating news everywhere

2nd May 2009
TOP paid CEOs of 2008. Two in list are of Indian Origin - Sanjay Jha and Vikram Pandit. Check it out.

11th Dec 2008
Taj being copied in Bangladesh. It's unbelievable true that a life size copy of world famous historical monument is being created. Check it out.

29th Nov 2008
This one is very interesting. There is great co-relation between IT and economic downturns. All most all the IT biggies were formed and shaped during economic recession times. Pick up the next upcoming one to make tons of money. Check it out.

29th Oct 2008
Markets are down, Valuations are great now for investors. Look at the top 10 fastest-growing small companies tracked by ETIG. Find them on ET researched by ETIG.

24th Oct 2008
In the current stock market crash look for these ever green stocks. this is for those who trade against tide. Find them on ET researched by ETIG.

28th May 2008
The latest issue of the influential Goa born doctor in Scotland makes a pioneering discovery for early detection of breast cancerRead on the full article in TOI.

6th May 2008
The latest issue of the influential Foreign Policy magazine has named 7 Indian in the world's Top 100 intellectuals. Read on the full article in TOI.

30th April 2008
Indian docs win a major judiciary battle against discriminatory British government. It's a win for the free economy and free services in the open world. Read on the article.

15th April 2008
In Year 2007 Indians top source as foreign skilled professionals. Read on the article.


Chilika is a largest brackish water lagoon in India situated on the east-coast of India. It supports a wide assemblage of marine, brackish and freshwater flora and fauna. The lagoon supports the largest congregations of the migratory and non migratory birds in the country, particularly during the winter. Flocks of migratory waterfowl arrive from as far as the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea, remote parts of Russia, Kirghiz steppes of Mongolia, Central and South East Asia, Ladakh and the Himalayas, to feed and breed on its fertile waters. It hosts over 205 species of birds during the peak migratory season of which at least 97 are intercontinental migrants. Chilika undergoes a cyclical variation in salinity throughout the year, with different patterns seen in separate sectors. It is this periodicity in salinity that allows freshwater as well as marine and estuarine species to thrive in the lagoon. Boats, to tour the lake, can be hired at Balugan Barkul and Rambha.

Connectivity :-
It is well connected to the Chennai and Kolkata through National Highway No 5, and the Chennai Kolkata rail line passes along the western bankof the Lagoon Balugaon, with Balugaon, Chilika and Rambha being the main stations along the Western shoreline of the lagoon. Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, about 120 km away.

Climate :-
Typically tropical climate. December and January is relatively cold. June to September is the monsoon season.

Accomodation :-
Swosti Palm Resort. Details..
Panthanivas and Ashoka hotels at Balugaon by OTDC.
Yatrinivas at Satapada island by OTDC.
Plenty of accommodation is available at various places in and around the lake.

Language :-
It is recommended to hire a guide. They can speak English and Hindi will accent. Locally Oriya is spoken and Telugu because of proximity with Andhra Pradesh.

There are many islands near by for tourists. Namely :-
MANIKPATNA - As per historical evidence, there was a port which was used for trade with Far-East. Bhabakundeswar temple of Lord Shiva is located here. An old Mosque exists here ,the entrance door of the Mosque is made of the jaws of the whale. A typical curd is prepared here by tradition in bamboo basket.
NABAGRAHA - An ancient deity located near Berhampur.
BARUNKUDA - It is a small island with a temple of Lord Varuna.
SATAPADA - One main attraction of Satapada is irrawaddy Dolphins.
SOMOLO AND DUMKUDI - Dolphins are often sighted on the peripheral waters of Somolo island. These are inundated remnants of the Eastern Ghats.
BREAKFAST ISLAND - The remnants of a dilapidated bungalow constructed by the king of Kalikote exist on this island.
RAMBHA - There is a Panthaniwas at Rambha run by OTDC.

Useful Links :-
Chilika Development Authority website for more information on Chilika.
Orissa Tourism website.
ITDC website.

BollyWood biz news

4th January 2009
Finally the Pakistani censor board is clearing it's stands and thoughts about how they view Bollywood for Pakistani movie industry and what they intend to do about it. They have given their votes to let smuggling thrive and cant see the writing on the wall that masses in Pakistan wont accept B-grade when they can have access to A-grade by one or other means.Read on...

1st January 2009
Let's take a look at our favorite Bollywood in the year just passed by. These are work of most professional movie critics.
Top 10 favourite films of the year 2008 by Subhash K Jha
Top 10 dissapointing films of the year 2008 by Gaurav Malani
Looking at top and bottom together The Hits and Misses of 2008 2008 by Gaurav Malani

27th December
With LeT & ISI basking in the glory of Mumbai killings and till date India not striking back. Pakistan army ruling the nation by proxy has chocked the movie industry again in Pakistan to the joy of piracy units who smuggle Bollywood flicks.Read on...

11th December
Aamir & Deepika
Shahrukh & Katrina
Abhishek & Kareena
Saif & Aishwarya
Akshay & Rani
What do these pair share with each other in common. Read on...to find out...about these impossible pairs...

8th June
Ram Gopal Varma's latest release Sarkar Raj to get Thackray's endoresment after IIFA premier. Read on...

17th May
Reliance Big Entertainment of ADAG group to produce 69 films. Read on...

World of Blog - Mr. Amitabh Bachan is showing his literaray skills. It's in his blood I think. Do you all remember his Dad - HariVansh Rai Bachan. Food for thought if you did not know about him and his literary skills. Anyways coming on to what all Big B is raking up in his blog and entire bollywood seems to be in this cauldron. More over there is report that Big has been paid Rs 100 crore to start his blog.
AB calls Paanchi Pass as PAANCHVI FAIL. Read on...
Big B hits out at Shatrughan Sinha in his blog. Read on...
Aamir in his blog says there is a dog in his house named SHAH RUKH. Read on...

11th May
Big B talks about Union health Minister A Ramadoss after reinstatement of Cardiac surgeon AIIMS Director Dr. P Venugpoal. This talk between Bollywood and political leaders will certainly be good for Indian society. Dirty politicians in India will be under pressure to perform as Bollywood personalities can surely sway their vote bank significantly. Read on...

6th May
Big B replies to MNS brigade thru his movie Sarkar. Read on...
Incidentally the movie seems to be addressing same issues that MNS chiefs were blaming Big B about.

30th April
Big B dares anyone to throw him out. Vows to stay in Mumbai. Read on...

15th April
Indian Music Industry waking up against copyright. Read views of leading artists on INR 2 crore payout to Ram Sampath by Roshans.
Movie Krazzy 4 was released on Friday 11th April.
We have always read and believe in impact of movies on society. Movie Taare Zameen Par impacts Indian education scene in a positive wayRead the complete story.


To check live score there are plenty of sites on the Internet.
My favorite :- Cricinfo
Your mobile has GPRS/wi-fi try :- http://ci.plusmo.com
On internet you can watch live on :- Desk ki Dhadkan, Not very reliable though. Recommended only for good speed. Many times server is full so can not serve you.
You can also try cricket blog. This has got many a channels and one of the channels should give you what you are looking for in terms of current cricketing action.

Check out important Cricket and IPL News.
Top players feel IPL will change International Cricket.
Fleming - Read on..
Vaighan - Read on..
John Buchanan - Read on..
Ricky Ponting - Read on..

22nd August 2009
This is bit of a masala news. But I guess serious stuff for name of cricketers and cine star who are featured. You guys have read about Benazir and Imran link posthumously. I dont know what the truth is but what ever it is - this article tries to link all such links ups. Hope the people involved had good time with each other and not worried for it to have come to the light of their fans now.
One of the journalist has put it well.

19th April 2009
With all the drama over about security copnsiderations. Thanks for Pakis and Indian elections dates clash with IPL dates. Lets look at teams, their strength and weaknesses for IPL 2009. I guess crowd and gusto will not be same as to what it was in the previous year.
One of the journalist has put it well.

7th March 2009
IPL dates remain unchanged and some tinkering have been done with match venues and schedules to include the Indian home minister concerns on providing security to the tournament amidst federal election which is running in parallel with the IPL 2009.
So finally Cricket wins and along with it wins Indian economy and democracy.
IPL chief Lalit Modi anounced revised gameplan for IPL 2009 with stamp from P Chidambaram Indian home minister

5th March 2009
Lahore was rocked not by batting shots of Lankan or Paki players. What rocked Lahore in early morning action on 3rd Match was militants in Pakistan getting the Srilankan players in line of fire of AK series assault rifles. And there were literally in line of fire with many of taking bullet shots on their body though none of them have proved fatal so far but it's certain to bring end to cricketing career of many of these players and umpires.
While all this going on in the immediate neighborhood, IPL seems to providing enough of carrot in terms of $$s and Indian government seems to be equipped enough to keep the militants at bay in the largely porous and free country that India is. Check the Aussies vouching to be in India to join IPL action in 2009.
Duncan previous Eng coach warning English players, Aussies vowing not to bow to terror

22nd February 2009
This year-2009 English cricketers have beaten their Indian counterparts when it comes to auction money. It remains to be seen how they perform on the IPL venues. Of course loosing cricketers seems to be from Australia and Pakistan and many of players from these two countries seems to be out of action for IPL and so out of big bucks in form of auction and endorsement money they generate in India.
Anyway check out the auction prices for yr 2009 IPL calendar.
KP and Flintoff auctioned for $1.55 million. Read on for other auction rates

5th July 2008
finally Shoaib Akhter - Fiery bowler from Pakistan is getting some good news. He Ban has been temporarily lifted by Pakistan judiciary. Though the Judiciary has not lifted the 7 million rupees fine imposed on him. Judiciary is to hear the case and delivery the judgement finally at a later when finally the fate of FIRE from LAHORE would be sealed. So for time being lets hope for some action from LAHORE EXPRESS lad.
Read the coverage in TOI about Shoiab's Ban and chances of inclusion in PAK Squad.

15th June 2008
With IPL getting over and that too with success financial terms people around the world with interest in sports biz are trying to weave a biz around T20 form of cricket. A US tycoon who is now a citizen of the Caribbean country is offering USD 20 million for a single T20 match. Looking at the articles looks like it's going against the the interest of BCCI. Read following two coverage "the financial express" and "The International News".
I want to read Financial express coverage.
I want to read the International News coverage.

26th May 2008
Rahul Dravid may part ways with Vijay Mallya. See the report clip coverage by a popular news site. However Rahul was fast to deny the report by the news channel. See the report clip coverage by a popular news site.

17th May 2008
Vijay Mallaya makes a U turn and spokes favourable for Bangalore based Royal Challengers. See the video clip coverage by a popular news site.

30th April 2008
Sena wants bhangra not cheer girls. What do you want? Read on the Sena President Udhav Thackrey spilling it out and targeting Sharad Pawar. IPL was all about glamor and now it's turning out that it's about political brinkmanship as well.

Fiery Shoaib inching closer to playing in IPL. 5 year ban stays but cleared to play in IPL. Will IPL allow Shoaib to play !!!. Read on the full report in TOI.

28 April 2008
IPL post match slapping episode. Bhajji slaps Sreeshanth. Read on... the full story where by Bhajji faces ban for 11 IPL matches and may face further disicplnary actions,
12 April 2008
India vs SA - 2nd test on going 11th April to 15th April


Position:- Latitude:1.14 N Longitude:103.55 E
Climate:- Tropical
Distance from India:- Chennai 2891 km, Kolkata 2876 km, Portblair 1686 km.
Population:- 4.5 Million in June 2007.
Language:- English, Variations of chinese, Malay, Tamil.
Currency:- Singapore Dollar. [1 SGD = 26-29 INR Approx].

Majority of the population are Chinese origin followed by Malay and Indians. Some part of the population is from western countries. Singapore is considered a world city on lines similar to Newyork and London.
Advantage is being so close to India. Connectivity to most of the Indian cities in south, north, east and west is very good. It takes about same time as moving from one Indian city to another Indian city.
There is virtually no corruption and quite peaceful country in terms of crime and safety. Entire city works hard for day to day leaving and for old age savings. It's not a pensioners paradise. It's city for hard working people. It's better if both of you work. It helps to increase your house hold income.
Maids are available to take care of house hold chores. It will cost you about SGD 800 per month including hidden cost unless and until faced with some medical problems with the maid. You have to take care of maid medical needs.
Public transport system is very good for day to day commuting for locals and tourists. It's almost impossible to get lost in the city with so many marking and road sign. From anywhere taxi is just a call away. For occasional commuting you can use taxi service. Taxi drivers are very pleasant and understand and speak English very well.
Food wise, it's paradise. You get choice of cuisine from all over the world. For Indians there are plenty of restaurants and outlets serving Indian food including pure vegetarian Indian cuisine.
Normally there is no practice to tip in restaurant or Taxi or for that matter at any place.
Costliest thing in the cities which will burn the biggest hole in your purse are : Housing rent, Health care in absence of proper insurance, Private and higher education. Government subsidized education till secondary level is excellent but it does not matches with Indian CBSE/ICSE curriculum. There are many of the famous Indian schools offering CBSE/ICSE/International school curriculum.
Country allows you go opt for PR[Permanent Resident] status if you are planning to stay for long term. There are many benefits linked to becoming a PR if you intend to stay for long term. Few subsidies and cost saving avenues for buying public housing opens up. Later you can opt for becoming a citizen as well. For now there is no dual citizenship agreement with India. So, you have to give up Indian citizenship if you take Singapore citizenship. So choosing to opt for PR and citizenship becomes an individual choice and most of Indians are always in two minds about it.
People of Indian races have mostly thrived here as executives and biz tycoons in IT, Banking, Finance, Health Care sectors.

Useful links :-
Singapore official statistics site. Yes I would like to see.
Are you visiting Singapore for pleasure. Check out this site for latest promotions and attractions.

You still don't have the information you are looking for. Feel free to add comment. You can use it to ask queries as well. We will try our best to revert to you.